A Tender Comedy written by Paul Coleman

The Evolution of "The Foot Shooters"

In the fall of 2002 I was sitting in a dressing room during rehearsal for a play when my friend and gifted actor/comedian Rick Meyer suggests I write a play. Our talks lead to an idea about a talented group of misfits whose personal quirks prevented them from succeeding (one of whom I named "Rick" in honor of my friend). I begin writing. It takes several years to complete a first draft - having been preoccupied with book writing projects, stage performances, family, work, and life in general.

I show the rough draft to friend and Equity actor Lou Miressi. He sees its potential and agrees to direct it whenever I am ready. I keep writing. And re-writing. Then Jen Mille, a friend and brilliant stage manager with 15 years experience, agrees to stage manage my play. More re-writing. I meet Ryan Katzer - amazing actor and now good friend - and instantly I know he is the perfect "Rick". I work with Michael Frohnhoefer on stage and realize "Heís perfect as Harry!" Then I work with Maria Hickey and think "Thatís my Ingrid!"

In 2008 my script gets into the hands of Lora Lee Ecobelli - Broadway actor and co-artistic director of Blue Horse Repertory Company. This leads to a staged reading of my play at Blue Horse with Equity actors under the exquisite direction of Peggity Price who has many Broadway and TV credits. (How lucky can I get!)

In June 2010, I gather up my favorite performers and technical wizards from the Hudson Valley area who happily agree to participate in a "workshop" of my play for four performances at the James Earl Jones Theater in Poughkeepsie, New York, rounding out my cast with wonderful actors Claudia King and Tracey Toufali. The tech wizards who helped make our first staged production a success included Joel Flowers, an extraordinary and accomplished pianist, Emmy-nominated sound designer Mark Weglinski, and multi-talented cinematographer/director Jarek Zabczynski. Then I had the fortune to meet Stu Hample (playwright, author, illustrator) and Ron Mombello (writer of many TV shows and movies) who each generously offer their time to make suggestions for improving my play. Truly, I am blessed.

Fast forward to autumn 2010. My script gets into the hands of Jim Creech of Love Creek Productions who hands it off to his pal and producer/director/actor Tony White. I meet Tony and Jim at "Parnellís" in NYC (while the great Johnny Delló"Charles" in The Foot Shooters -sings his heart out for patrons.) Tony loves my play. I order a Guinness. He wants to produce it. He canít wait to direct it. I order another Guinness. He decides on two casts - the original cast and a newly formed NYC cast - to do two "Equity Showcase" productions at The Producerís Club near Times Square.

Did I say I was blessed?

The Foot Shooters is about the power of determination, friendship, and love to make life meaningful and worthwhile. No matter what happens to The Foot Shooters I have those things already. My heartfelt love and gratitude to all involved

- Paul Colman (Writer)

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