Dr. Paul Coleman

Dr. Paul Coleman is a psychologist in private practice with over 30 years experience. He is the author of twelve books, a public speaker and has appeared on national television shows such as Oprah and Today.

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FINDING PEACEamazon_overIf you are suffering right now, if you are scared, angry, grieving a loss, hurt, or simply disillusioned by life’s letdowns and unmet longings, you are viewing your world through eyes that have been trained to see some things but no other things.

This book is about how to begin seeing those other things.

Finding Peace When Your Heart is in Pieces is about your journey through loss and the deeper peace that can be found along that journey—no matter how much you doubt such peace is possible. It is about the four paths of transformation that will enlighten, inspire, and guide you along your journey. Finally, this book will speak of things you need to hear when the things you want to hear aren’t always forthcoming. It will help you to believe these deeper truths: that a peaceful heart is possible even when losses are profound; that your life still has purpose and meaning; and that goodbyes are not forever.

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Finding Peace When Your Heart is in Pieces

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